How to Prepare Your Child With Dental Anxiety for Root Canal Treatment: Effective Tips and Tricks

How to Prepare Your Child With Dental Anxiety for Root Canal Treatment: Effective Tips and Tricks

July 1, 2023

Dental anxiety is a serious issue that affects children and adults. It is quite a hindrance when you desire much-needed dental care. It is even worse when your kid has a challenge wrapping their mind around whether they need to sit in the dentist’s chair to seek treatment.

Even though almost 43% of the kids have dental anxiety, there are ways that you can get them to visit our dentist in Kearney, NE. If your kid fails to keep their dental appointments, they risk developing far more severe dental issues, such as tooth infections, which require invasive root canals, cost more, and are difficult to resolve.

Thankfully, our dentist has shared some nuggets of wisdom that can help you get your child to come to the office and receive an anxiety-free root canal. But before we check out the tips, you also need to know some things that cause dental anxiety in kids.

Understanding the Factors That Cause Dental Anxiety in Kids

It’s commonly understood that fear is a natural emotion. The reaction is an instinct we all require for survival. It signals what we should be wary of and be attentive to our surroundings. However, this fear can interfere with your daily activities; in this case, your child might have trouble receiving dental care.

Some of the reasons that may make your child develop dental anxiety are:

  • Fear of the unknown – if your kid has never been to the dentist, has never heard any horrifying stories about the dentist, and expresses fear, it is likely fear of the unknown.
  • Fear of pain – pain can be experienced even with modern technology. However, a kid can fear pain even if our dentist near you has done everything possible to mitigate the pain.
  • The sight of dental instruments and smell or view of the dental setting – some kids are intimidated by the dental equipment, or the smell of the disinfectants can cause them to feel fear.

What Can You Do to Help?

Bringing your kid to our dentist is vital to keep their teeth healthy and promote proper oral hygiene. However, children’s dental anxiety is a great hindrance. Therefore, you can try and do the following to help you deal with your kid’s anxiety:

Play “Dentist” With Them

Before you bring your kid to our dentist’s office for their appointment, you can try to play dentist with them. Let your kid pretend to be the dentist and vice-versa. You can use a chair, a mirror, and a toothbrush and pretend to set up a dental office.

You can use this chance to walk your kid through the dental procedures they should expect. If you do this, your kid will be mentally prepared for what to expect when they visit our dentist in Kearney, NE .

Avoid Bribery

It is no walk in the park trying to teach your kid good oral hygiene. You will be tempted to bribe them if they behave themselves during a dental appointment. But please use this tactic sparingly, especially if it is vital for health care.

This tactic may not be effective when your kid grows up since they will always seek rewards when they do what they should be doing regarding dental health.

Emphasize the Importance of Oral Care

It would help if you always taught your kid the importance of visiting our dentist. Teach your kid that visiting the dentist is not a choice but a necessity if they want to have a beautiful and healthy smile.

Avoid the Details

You must share the information so your kid understands the procedure, what to expect, and the importance of visiting our dentist. But remember that kids are very curious, so avoid the details.

If you delve into the details, you risk increasing their anxiety level. Try and keep it shallow and only answer the questions with questions to keep their minds calm.

Schedule Wisely

Sometimes, dental anxiety arises due to poor timing. You could be trying to get your kid to face a new scenario when they are tired, over-stimulated, or hungry. Therefore, schedule your appointment when your kid tends to be most cooperative and happiest.

If you are ready to tackle your kid’s dental appointment, go ahead and schedule an appointment with us by contacting our dentist near you at Platte Valley Dental Clinic.

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