Our hygienists Nichole and Kayla are our experts in gum health. They have almost 30 years of combined experience. They create a comfortable, inviting, judgment-free space to help you reach your goals for a healthy smile.

Cleaning appointments are not just about shining up your pearly whites, at Platte Valley Dental we want to ensure you will have a healthy smile for life. As you go through different stages of your life new concerns with your dental health can arise. Nichole and Kayla are happy to help you navigate these issues and even aid in finding them before they start! Unfortunately, many dental diseases like small cavities and gum disease do not cause any pain until they become fairly extreme, that is why cleaning appointments go beyond just a cleaning.

What can I expect at a cleaning?


X-rays are taken at your cleaning appointment to not only look for cavities but to determine the health of the bone surrounding your teeth as well.

Gum Health Exam

Healthy gum tissue is our top priority, without a healthy foundation our teeth may become loose or even fall out. Kayla and Nichole will take measurements around each tooth to determine and track the health of your gums over the years. We are able to decide what type of cleaning is needed with these measurements. This also gives us a close look into your daily habits and helps us to recommend where you may be missing when brushing and flossing.

Intraoral Pictures

Your hygienist will utilize a small camera that fits inside your mouth to take color photos of existing fillings or cracked teeth. This helps us to show you if we have any concerns or to keep track of fillings that are breaking down over time.


Dental cleanings are recommended at 6-month intervals for patients with healthy tissue and possibly more often if there are concerns with gum disease. Dental cleanings remove hard tartar buildup or calculus and plaque that can cause gum disease if not removed regularly. Kayla and Nichole hold a very high standard with every cleaning ensuring they remove all of the calculus that has built up on your teeth while ensuring you are comfortable. To finish we will polish your teeth for that smooth feeling everyone loves after their cleanings.

Deep Cleanings

Sometimes more than just a regular cleaning is needed in the presence of a lot of build-up, bone loss, or gum disease. Nichole and Kayla will determine what type of cleaning is needed and along with you help create a plan to get your gums healthy again. That may include a deep cleaning or scaling and root planing procedure which is a cleaning that goes below the gum tissue to remove hard tartar that is causing gum disease. We usually also recommend more regular cleanings. This will all help to slow the loss of bone due to gum disease.

Oral Cancer Screenings

It is estimated that 54,600 new cases of oral cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S. this year. Not only people who smoke or chew tobacco get oral cancer which is why we do a thorough oral cancer screening on every patient. Your hygienist along with Dr. Ahrens will look closely at your tongue, throat, lips, and cheeks and determine if anything appears suspicious. If we do have concerns we will help you with the next steps.

Recommending Products and Home Care

Your dental hygienist can help recommend products that will ensure a healthy smile. Anything from electric toothbrushes to what type of toothpaste is best for your dental needs. We will also help point out areas you may be missing with your toothbrush or how to modify your current dental routine. Daily habits at home are what create a healthy smile, not just the cleanings we do twice a year.