Teeth Whitening

At Platte Valley Dental we are proud to offer Colgate whitening products. We offer take-home products and in-office whitening procedures. Ask one of our team members which option is right for you!

With our in-office whitening, we take the guesswork and the time commitment out of the equation. With a one-hour appointment, you can achieve a brighter smile with little to no sensitivity! The appointment consists of three applications of Colgate professional-grade whitening products applied precisely to your teeth. You will then relax for 10 min each application with an LED light speeding up the whitening process. You can expect realistic results with most patients achieving two to three shades of whiter teeth. BONUS!! You get to take home a whitening pen as well to apply and touch up as needed, you also get to keep the LED light!

If you would rather whiten in the privacy of your home we now have a Colgate at-home whitening kit with an LED light included as well! You can get great results with as little as 10 minutes a day, seeing the best results after 5 days in a row. The instructions are easy to follow and clean up is easy as well!