The orthodontic professionals are continuously creating and changing the alternatives for what we know as traditional metal braces, all based on customer requests. One of the most significant and most popular breakthroughs has been the creation of clear aligners. At Platte Valley Dental Clinic, where we work hard to provide the best dental and orthodontics in Kearney, NE, we offer our patients a Clear Aligners treatment that uses a series of clear, smooth, plastic trays that gradually align your teeth into the right place. Clear Aligners can allow our patients to get the smile they have always desired, without anyone knowing. With Clear Aligners, you will have every reason in the world to start smiling!

By using Clear Aligners, you will be utilizing a graduated series of invisible clear aligners tailored to every patient. While at your first consultation at Clear Aligners, we will take a mold of your bite so that we can determine how severe your issues are, if you have any. After this is completed, Dr. Eric Ahrens will plan a treatment program that will help you to achieve the smile you have always dreamed of.

Over a period of time, you will find that your teeth are shifting into the positions they are supposed to be in, and when you return for each appointment, Dr. Eric Ahrens will assess your progress so he can determine if your teeth are to the point of moving to the next aligner. Once you progress through all your aligners, our Clear Aligners experts will fit you with a retainer so you can keep your teeth in place. The Clear Aligners alternative has proven itself to be as effective as the traditional brace.

How Are Clear Aligners Different From Traditional Braces?

Clear Aligners can offer the perfect answer for those folks who want to straighten their teeth without anyone else knowing it and for anyone who wants only to make some modest adjustments in the teeth moving into the right position.

There are many benefits in using clear aligners for your teeth instead of the ceramic or traditional metal braces, including:

  • The Clear Aligners are basically invisible – It is one of the most significant incentives for Clear Alignersas people want the discreteness of wearing the braces without anyone knowing it. They are designed with clear plastic, fit snugly to the exact shape of your teeth as they change, and for the most part, people never notice that you are wearing them.
  • Clear Aligners will let you eat anything you want – an aspect of their freedom and flexibility for removing the aligners when you want! It means you will not have to keep from eating caramel, corn chips, and corn on the cob. The hard, tough foods like hard rolls, pizza crust, bagels, pretzels, chips, nuts, and those raw carrots can break, knock off or damage any brackets or wires. You will not have the worries of any of this if you wear Clear Aligners.
  • Clear Aligners are the most comfortable – the metal braces can irritate the inside of your cheeks or gums by their sharp edges. The Clear Aligners are made from smooth plastic, and they will not aggravate or abrade inside your mouth.
  • With Clear Alignersyou can keep your mouth cleaner – these aligners have no wires or brackets like metal braces and are easy to maintain. You will take the clear aligners out while you eat and then rinse them off, soak them, or gently brush with some clear anti-bacterial soap. After you have finished eating, floss and brush your teeth before placing your Clear Aligners back in your mouth. If you do this, there is less chance for you to develop plaque that could cause some staining of your teeth or even tooth decay.

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