Tooth Extractions in Kearney, NE

Tooth Extractions in Kearney, NE

Occasionally, patients with healthy teeth need extractions to improve the appearance of their teeth or repair tooth damage. At Platte Valley Dental Clinic, our dentist near you may recommend an extraction after a complete evaluation of your teeth and determine a tooth is not salvageable. Here are some reasons why extractions in Kearney, NE are necessary.

Tooth Breaks at Gumline

If you fall or are in an accident, a hard blow to a jaw will sometimes break a tooth on or just below the gumline. When this happens, the inside of the tooth gets exposed to bacteria and debris, which can cause infection to develop.

However, by removing the tooth, our dentist in Kearney, NE can prevent infection from spreading. They can also replace the tooth to save your teeth’s functionality and appearance. Teeth may also break when biting down on hard food or objects.

Straightening Teeth

Sometimes extractions are necessary to straighten teeth by getting rid of one or more that are overcrowding your jaw. An extra tooth or two can erupt along your jaw, causing others already in position to shift and overcrowd your mouth.

Teeth may also try to grow beneath others, which is known as impacted teeth. They can cause discomfort because they are trapped and cannot emerge through the gums. In both cases, Dr. Eric Ahrens will extract the tooth or teeth to relieve pain and straighten your smile with the help of braces or aligners.

Why Teeth Need Replacing

Teeth need replacing after extracting them to keep your mouth healthy. When a tooth socket is empty, the healthy teeth around it will start drifting towards the space. Eventually, this can cause your teeth to loosen and fall from your mouth.

Also, the jawbone can start shrinking because the teeth’s roots are no longer stimulating it. As the bone shrinks, your cheeks will look like they are caving in, making you look older. The loss of bone density can prevent you from choosing implants to replace your teeth later.

If you notice that you have crooked teeth or one break in a trauma, contact Dr. Eric Ahrens at Platte Valley Dental Clinic about getting extractions near you.

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